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  • Q1 Can I use women or children?
    A, it is only an adult male.

    Q2 Can I take a bath anytime?
    A, We have daily cleaning only for one hour from early morning 4:00 to 5:00.Other than that, you can use it anytime.
    鈥籆aution Currently, the cleaning time is from 10:00 to 12:00 due to measures against coronavirus.

    Q3, Can I extend my capsule stay?
    A, basically not possible.(Because the cleaning in the capsule enters)

    Q4 Can I extend the extension by using the sauna?
    A If you enter the museum on the 3-hour course, it will be switched to the 12-hour course, and you will be charged the difference of 1,000 yen.
    After that, there will be an extra charge of 500 yen per hour.
    In addition, if it exceeds 24:00 at midnight, a late night charge of 1000 yen will be added.
    鈥籒ote Currently, it is open until 23:00 to prevent coronavirus.

    Q5, Can I deposit only my luggage before check-in?
    A, we will keep you in regards to the customer of the reservation.

    Q 6 Can I leave my luggage after checkout?
    A, we will keep you at the front desk.

    Q7 Do you have towels and toothbrushes?
    A, we have prepared.Even hand towers are all right.

    Q8, My body is large, is the capsule OK?
    A, of course there is a limit, but our capsule is a larger size.

    Q9 Can I use the Internet?
    A, wi-fi can be used in the facility.There is also a PC available for free use in the facility

    Q10 Do you have a laundromat?
    A, 4F.Washing machine 1 time 200 yen / dryer 30 minutes 100 yen

    Q11, Is it possible to stay continuously with capsules?
    A, continuous lodging is possible, but you can not use the capsule temporarily.(It is possible to stay in the facility)

    Q12 Can I charge my mobile phone?
    A, I lend a charger for mobile phones for free.There is an outlet in the capsule Please use.

    Q13 Can I send a fax?
    A, it is possible.(Free)

    Q14 Is there a way to stay cheaply?
    A, we are offering a great plan with internet reservation site etc.
    In addition, we sometimes offer great events within the facility.

    Q15, Can I stay whenever I go?
    A, it may be very crowded depending on the time and traffic conditions.In that case please make a reservation in advance.

    Q 16, Can I pay with non-cash?
    You can use electronic money such as A, Suika and various credit cards.

    Q17 If I booked a Capsule Hotel on the net, do I need a reservation number when checking in?
    A, basically it's okay if you can say your name.