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One minute's walk from Ueno Station Asakusa Guchi
A bright red building signs a red sign

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Sauna And Capstule Hotel Hokuo


7-2-16 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo Metropolis

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JR Ueno Station, Asakusa Guchi 1 minute walk. Turn left by Fuji Soba is on the left.
  • Store Guide

    One minute walk from Ueno Station Asakusa Guchi! A red sign is a signboard in a bright red building!
    It will be the gateway to our hotel.
    Please elevate to 6F and check in immediately.
    I think that you can use it without hesitation easily even for the first time customers.
    If you do not understand even by looking at MAP, please feel free to contact the hotel, we will inform you.

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