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Bath / sauna

The bath that we can see the sky of our shop
  • Bath room sketch

  • Togoal-no-yu

    "Togoal-no-yu" is a bathing facility using weathered minerals (Togor · warm tight / quasi-drug 45D 283) produced from near Niigata Prefecture Tochiomata Onsen in Niigata Prefecture Tochiomata Onsen.
    Scientific ingredients contained in "Togoal-no-yu" lightly stimulate the skin to stimulate metabolism, blood flow is active, superior heat retention, moisturizing, cleaning effect, mitigating muscle stiffness.

    First in Ueno Togoal-no-yu is equipped with outdoor bath, so when using it!
  • ① Great open-air bath

    When going out one step from the open-air bath entrance of the public bath · · ·Outside! What? There is a big outdoor bath there! Rain comes on rainy days, windy on windy days, snow on snowy days.There is such an open-air bath! And it is big! Ten adults are OK.
    Why do not you soak in such an outdoor bath once?
    You think there is something you can not taste in the household bath?
    The outdoor bath in the big city, the city streets from which you can see also ...Extraordinary? What? What?

  • ② Jet bath

  • ⑥ sauna

    High temperature sauna over 100 ° C

    sauna and refresh your mind and body!
    Please maintain your health.

    ·Improve oxygen intake and recover from fatigue
    ·Stress relief by perspiration action
    ·Diet with basic metabolism up
    ·As the blood vessel expands, blood pressure drop
    ·It also affects autonomic imbalance
    ·Eliminate stiff shoulder by promoting blood circulation

    Please charge the vitality to tomorrow with these effects.